Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stadium - To the top

Wednesday has become Stadium day. We have started to run the stadium stairs - up and down each row. I spoke with Coach Wayne in the gym if this would have benefit in racing, specifically swim-bike-run. He said that hills had a lot of benefit for sprinters (100M, 200M, 400M & 800M) and not so much for endurance athletes. However, he did say that it was effective for adding lower body strength and would add power and stamina on any hills during a race. For the time being I think that I will keep this up instead of adding lower body weight exercises.

Back to the stair run. As with most group activities there is a bit of competitiveness. Chad and Vic left the gym a few minutes before me - in fact, they were leaving the gym as I arrived. I told Chad that I would beat him. He said to the stadium - I said YES. I changed clothes and raced to the stadium. To get the the top of the bleachers you have to run up the ramp. Round and round I raced up. When I got to the top of the first staircase, Chad was behind Vic pacing him up the second flight of stairs. I quickly started down the flight at full speed. No rest, no recovery.

Chad saw me coming and passed Vic and pushed the pace. My goal was to "stair" Chad - pass him by a complete flight. It would not happen on the first lap.

We regrouped at the end of the first session. I had run the 'lap' in 5:39. The second 'lap' I was able to 'stair Chad on the last flight. Once again my time was 5:39. Pretty consistent but I had some recovery before this leg. I pushed the pace on the last lap. You can always did a little deeper knowing that the end is near. I 'staired' Chad with two flights to go. I completed the final 'lap' at 5:27.

We ran back to the gym but I wanted to hit the ROTC area. Chad and Vic went inside the gym - I ran on. A few minutes later I got to the ROTC area and looked up at the rope climb. It is a little daunting and I did not realize how much of your legs you have to use. There is a skill set involved. Last week I was not able to reach the top. I had new shoes (the blue ones) and they have a soft tread compound. I did not want to damage them.

With 'regular-old' shoes on I was able to reach the top! Then I hit the chin up bars and back to the gym. Saw Chad and Vic in the WOZ - work out area and they were doing medicine ball push ups (someone throws the ball and you catch it and do the crunch - the 10 - 12 pound medicine balls are a challenge.)

This morning got up early and hit the rollers for 30 minutes zoned out reading the Lance Armstrong book. Met the guys for the group ride at 6:10 AM and got another 1:15 on the bike.

Pretty good cycling day so far.