Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another bike TT and climbing on the exercise bike.

Great things are done when men and mountains meet. - William Blake
I got home yesterday and did another race bike TT. These have not been apples to apples comparisons (no warm-up, no ROCKET helmet, no UNITARD, etc) but my time is off by 25 – 30 seconds. I don’t feel fast but I seem to be faster everywhere else (swimming and running) and a maximum effort bike will not be required for my half and full ironman’s, but, it is disappointing.

I started a fire in the fire pit in the back yard last night. I am still mesmerized by fire. The TV has not been on in a while (no cable anyway) but I have had fires in the back yard a couple of times each month. With a good beer in my hand I could the flicker of the fire all night.

I actually had a couple of good beers last night and woke up pretty dehydrated. With the diet and training I have not drank much since the beginning of the year and my tolerance has dropped to nothing. I’m a light weight now.

On a positive note I did weigh the least that I have all year. I actually hit the 160 mark (well – 160.4). I’m sure the weight will jump back tomorrow being fully hydrated. I’m still trying to get down to 155 by April 5th.

I had a surprisingly demanding exercise bike ride at the gym today. There were interval hill climbs and I had to stand up out of the saddle for them all. It really became more of a strength training program. Good stuff.


Missy said...

Don't worry about the number just the strength and how you feel! Don't get married to the Ironman weight...working out that much and eating that way 100% of the time is just not reasonable (post season). Way to rock it!

Ulyana said...

I know what you mean about drinking... when I train I don't drink at all pretty much, and if I have one glass of wine with dinner, the next day I'm just too relaxed and slow.