Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Swimmingly sick

The run at lunch yesterday went a little bit long – 35 minutes turned into 50 minutes. This was what I was talking about in my last post. Having fun and doing more than the plan calls for – Oh well – All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Last night I got home and felt great – better than I have for days (feels like weeks). I played around in the garage with the bikes. I took the race wheels off of my triathlon bike and swapped the cassettes and just messed around. It was fun. I had a couple of beers and turned some wrenches.

This morning – sick again. What? Really sore throat is back and tons of mucus! I had already committed to cycling to work (the days are just too nice) but it was hard to get going. I had planned on leaving the house at 6AM so that I could ride to the gym and be in the pool by 6:30AM. I left late but still got in the pool by 6:40AM. My workout – the first real swim workout since New Orleans called for 3 x 1000 yards with 30 second rest. The first set went okay – I was about 8 seconds off of my best (1000 yards today in 16:08 – 1:36 / 100 yards). Then I just gave up. I was tired, I did not feel well and I convinced myself that I would go back to the pool later if I felt better. This is most likely a lie.

Since I do not enjoy the swim as much as the other disciplines (I think it is the camaraderie) it is easier for me to blow it off. I know that you should work the most on the activities you like the least. I’m working on it.

It seems like it was not long ago that I was bragging about a Personal Best every other post. I'm ready to get back to that!


Marci said...

You'll get back to it... just take care of yourself right now :) Take care :)

Keith said...

First thing is to get healthy again. All training when sick will do for you is prolong how long you're sick.

Missy said...

....sit down for a minute, really and truly. You won't lose it, promise, get well first.

Ulyana said...

I know what you mean about PR's every other day. I haven't had that for about half a year. I feel restless and definitely ready for some PR's!!!!!