Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hot hill running.

I was travelling to Texas for the weekend for Father’s day. I was meeting my sister and her family. I took Friday off from work as a travel day and had intended to get a 50 mile bike ride in prior to hitting the road. That just didn’t work out. I mean, I got up in time and saddled up – it is just that my legs did not feel up to an early morning 50 mile ride. I turned back and only completed a 10 mile ride. I normally would have been greatly discouraged but I was glad to be hitting the road.

The drive was uneventful – a little bit of construction but nothing major. I told my brother-in-law, Joe to bring his swim trunks and he said that he would also bring his running shoes. Joe and I got up early Saturday morning and did a good 5 mile run – there are some pretty good hills at my father’s house. After the run we went and picked blue berries. That afternoon we made it out to the lake for a mile swim - the shallow end was very warm.

The next morning Joe and I increased our run to 7 miles and the run was a little quicker than the previous day.

My training plan had called for a 5 hour bike ride on Sunday – I hate to miss something like that but there will be plenty more rides before my ironman at the end of August.

The heat has come to Mississippi – it was 100+ last week and this week looks the same!