Friday, July 2, 2010

Running, Biking, Master's Swimming?

I have been happy to get back into my routine. The travel is fun but consistency is the key. I got back on the mountain bike and the road bike over the weekend.

It looks like a garmin ad - but these are our mountain bike trails!

I also won a cool camera from Jason at Tech-Tri! Jason had a contest and he asked for ideas regarding his taper.  He gave me and a couple other people extra entries for the plans.  I got lucky and won the camera!  I hope some of my suggestions help Jason meet his goals at the Rhode Island 70.3!  Jason is also raising money for make a wish - click here to help out.

Also, make sure you check out his blog and cheer him on!  Last week he did a brick consisting of a 3 hour ride followed by a 2 hour run - I am sure he is going to ROCK IT!

Speaking of contest - I have added a gadget on my sidebar to list some of the current giveaways! Check it out. 

The Tuesday / Thursday morning group ride has been powerful. This has been a lot of fun. Unfortunately the Wednesday ride (I mean race) was cancelled due to the rain. Also, trace intervals started back up on Thursday. We mixed it up a little bit – 6 x ¼ miles, 2 x ½ mile and then 4 x 200 concentrating on high leg speed. The rain started just as we finished up. We were already soaked from the solid workout!

I also got back in the pool for two really good sessions.  I have been working on breath control.  I hate doing this but I am seeing progress.  Not faster but the same speed with less effort - that is solid improvement!

Speaking of the swim, I recently met the new aquatics coordinator at the Payne Center. This is the fitness center here on campus. This is my base camp. If I did not have this facility I could not run or ride into work. Having a locker to store my work close is fantastic. However, it has made me reluctant to join the master’s swim team at the YMCA. You see, I know that I would benefit from the undertaking but I dread the idea of getting in the car and driving across town.  The coach at the YMCA has a great reputation.

So, I met Jessi Hobart, the new aquatics coordinator at the Payne Center. She recently contacted the running club inquiring about places to ride. We spoke a couple of times on the phone and she has made it out to several of the group rides – she even took a spill last weekend. It happens to the best of them.  A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to her how a master’s swim team would be great on campus.

Well, she did a whole lot of leg work and it looks like it will happen in the fall. This is all unofficial – I am not a decision maker - but it looks like the swim coach at the YMCA will be able to conduct the master’s swim sessions at the Payne Center -  Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings! The travel to the YMCA has been my only hold out to joining the master’s swim team. I know that my swim CAN and WILL improve with direct coaching and competition!

These are preliminary numbers but we need to have 13 people commit to the sessions to keep the cost reasonable ($150 a semester). If we get more people - the cost is even less. I think I know about 8 people already. Let me know if you are interested and I can get you more information.  I bet we can get a great team going!


Caratunk Girl said...

I wish I had a Y close to me so I could get into Master's swimming and help me improve. BUT I do have a lake, so I am lucky for that.

Congrats on the camera!

Matty O said...

Wow... a masters swim on campus, mega jealous!

I hope things fall into place and it works out for you. Judging by your running and biking numbers, if you get that swim up a bit you are going to be a serious contender!!!

Good luck! Have a great weekend!

Lance said...


I would be willing to join for sure.


Jennifer said...

I will probably join. I don't teach M/W/F in the mornings so that helps. I'll have to see about a few things sill. Kudos on the great rides!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Cool bike pics!

James, that is so awesome you are getting a MAsters program. I have been doing mine for 2 weeks now and my swim has improved so much in that short time. The thing that is helping me the most is having others in the lane to keep pushing but also when I get tired the coach to remind you to keep your form. I cannot wait for my next Tri in a couple of weeks to see how my swim has improved!

Jon said...

Your Green Goblin analogy is spot on. I am basically peaking right now and fortunately IMRI 70.3 is still open. Not gonna waste it! Now can I bounce back in another 5 weeks is the Q.....

lindsay said...

hope you find enough people to put together a master's class! congrats on winning a camera! and those mountain bike trails look a lot friendlier than the one i ran on last year.

Whitarican (White-A-Rican) said...

Thanks for the mention! Th taper is going great and the plan and info you sent has been priceless!