Friday, October 1, 2010

Mighty Magnolia Race Entry Winner

I have tabulated the results for the Mighty Magnolia Race Entry. If you recall, the race filled up pretty fast this year. The race is at 365 regular entries. Ben, the race director also offered up 10 additional charity slots – there are only two of those entries remaining ($125 each).

To get the results I assigned a number to each eligible entry (you must be local and be committed to doing the race – I do not want the entry to go to waste). I tried to use to pick the number but it did not work. Ah, the heck with it – I stole this from Lindsay over at Chasing the Kenyans. Very creative –

As you can see, everyone that wants to do the Mighty Magnolia is already signed up to do the Mighty Magnolia. I had planned on volunteering for the race (I am still stuffing packets and setting up racks – I you would like to help out this weekend please shoot Ben an email – He can use all the help he can get – 165 entries – that is a lot of bike racks to set up this Sunday afternoon) – but I guess I am racing after all. That is right – I won my own contest (I was the only eligible entry)!


jodie said...

Awesome win Jame-o, way to go!

Papa D said...

I should have entered and come down.
Jodie and I could have done a tag team with her doing most of the events.

lindsay said...

LOL. at first i thought you had made your own! but i see, what's the point when you're the winner again :) (in case you ever want to make your own for any reason just go to - it's pretty straightforward, just in case you want)

good luck next weekend!

chris mcpeake said...

Too funny.