Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Following the crash

Before I got evac’d from the field Jodie gave me a quick sobriety test.  She made me tell her how many fingers she held up and made me follow her fingers with with my eyes.  She also checked out the dilation of my pupils.  I passed the test.

I always wear a helmet.  Remember, if you ride then it is not if you will crash but when you will crash.

Here are some pictures from my helmet. 

crash (7)
The helmet from the top.
crash (5)
Notice the crack on the left.

crash (2)
the crack goes all the way through.

When I got home I got checked out again and then I immediately got undressed.  I needed assistance to get undressed.  I could not bend over or lift my left arm very high.  I then took a quick shower.  My body was hurting.  Jodie applied some pain-relief cream to my bruises.  I was luck to not have any rash.  If I did have rash then the pain-relief cream would not have been available.  This crème really helps. 

I also took some acetaminophen to further reduce the pain.  You have to be careful with the dosing and take only the prescribed amount.  I actually had some loritab on hand from when I had a tooth extracted but considering the possible head injury it was decided that I pass on the strong stuff.

After I was dressed in comfortable clothes I iced the bruised areas.  This is to help with the swelling.  It also helps to numb the area and reduce the pain.

The last item was one of the more important.  I can’t have this item on hand but it was procured for me – a large bag of M & M’s.  This is comfort food.  It definitely helps.

Rufus and I on the couch


Matty O said...

HAHA, I love that you each have "your" side of the couch AND that the M&Ms were there to fix everything.

Crashed my motorcycle when I was younger, t-shirt, jeans, no helmet. How I did not split my head open to this day amazes me.

Whenever I am on the road to this day I wear a helmet. The bike freaks me out. Glad that it was just bumps and bruises.

What actually happened to the guy's bike in front of you, you said it just collapsed? Did a tire go or a connection come loose?

Lucas R. Tucker said...

Sorry for the crash, but I am glad you will be ok in the long run.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Rufus is a beauty!
M&M's will make ANYTHING better, for sure.

Karen said...

Hope you heal quickly! M&Ms fix everything, right?

Tri-James said...

M & M's sure don't hurt. I had to have them moved away from me so that I did not eat the whole bag. It hurt too much to go and get them.

Caratunk Girl said...

I hope you heal quickly! I love M&Ms. Now I want some. Good thing I live 30 miles from the store. Rufus is a cutie!

Jennifer said...

Mmm. M&M's, you deserve them. Bummer James but you have angels on your shoulder. Get better fast. Cheers!

RunningWhit said...

Love that M&M's were part of your recovery process. That crack in your helmet looks scary.

Francine said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Lindsay said...

you had me at m&m's. crucial to any illness or ache! i may have had a bag (or two, medium sized) when i was getting over the flu-plague.