Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trainer ride, Masters Swim–NO PAIN

Tuesday was kind of a no fitness day.  My schedule has been thrown off with the precursors to injury.  It would have been a Yasso day.  Being in this part of the taper plus the leg discomfort Yasso’s were not really on the menu.

I did ride the trainer in the AM before work.  I dialed up a rather short and aggressive program of increasingly difficult 2 minute intervals.  I was not able to complete the workout.  The good news is that my leg did not flair up or anything.  No pain.  Furthermore, looking back at previous times that I have attempted this workout I also failed.  This time I actually got 2 intervals farther in the set.  You can’t really compare these two different sessions at different points in a training cycle but it was definitely less of a failure than I first thought.

Regarding the ITB – I ran 5 on Friday, 5 on Sunday and 6.5 on Monday.  There has been ZERO discomfort this week!  However – there is always an however, I have not pushed the pace at all – not even to M pace (marathon).

If all goes as planned I will attempt a 6 or 7 mile run at M pace (6:50).

I did my second attempt at the Running Man Wannabe Burpee 2 Minute Challenge.  You can see my l second attempt (40) here.




Finally, Masters Swim has been going well.  I have been getting up easily.  I have been holding my times.  I have been working hard and seeing improvement.  On top of that, Coach Steve came in this morning and said he had good news.  He said that he had been wondering why we were having such a tough time with the sets – not holding time or not holding zones.  He had calculated out times as if they were our 200 yard average times, not our 200 yard time trials,  We have been trying to swim too fast.  On the flip side, there is very little difference between my average times and my time trial times.  Still, I am swimming HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER.


Aimee said...

Yay for having some pain free runs! Hopefully the ITB will continue to behave!
Nice job with your swimming! I'm jealous!

Barbie said...

Thank goodness your ITB is behaving itself. And good job on the swimming.

Matty O said...

So, do you think you just pulled it or something? That was a quick recovery man.

Fingers crossed!

Will make my second attempt this weekend :)