Friday, March 25, 2011

MS Heat Triathlon Clinic–prep

Packing for this tri clinic is almost like preparing for a race.  You need all the equipment for the SWIM / BIKE / RUN but there is a big difference.  You still have all of the excitement but none of the anxiety.  I am so looking forward to the weekend but …  I’m not nervous.  I don’t think my heart rate will be elevated while standing still this weekend.

Trueing the wheels – notice the race shirts as bike cleaning rags.  I am a huge proponent of the no shirt option in races.

But just like the prep for a race I cleaned the bike up.  I have decided to take the road bike since the ride on Saturday will be a group ride.  I like to save the race bike for solo rides, TT’s and races.  I am still surprised that the bike had zero damage from the crash.  There was a minor scuff on the right brifter hood (shifter + brakes).  But NOTHING else was damaged.  I had given the bike a once over just after the accident and I have ridden the bike on several occasions but I took a closer look.  I decided to clean up the chain and true the wheels.  None of this really needed to be done but I tackled the job anyway.

I guess it is working with my hands but I have always enjoyed this aspect of the sport.  On a side note I worked at a garage in high school and although I am no mechanic I still change my oil and do my brakes and the other ‘shade tree mechanic’ type auto maintenance.  I just enjoy it.

So I washed up the bike and thoroughly cleaned and re-lubed the chain.  Next I trued the wheels.  Once again I cannot believe that they were not out of whack.

Race shirt as cleaning rag (Irish Italian Fest 2009)

On the training front I had a failure on the trainer.  True to form I seem to take FOREVER to recover from trainer ride breakthroughs.  I really can’t complain since I am making fantastic weekly progress but I wish I had more than one cycling effort each week.  I can kill it on Tuesday, take it easy on the legs all day Wednesday but still have fatigue on Thursday morning.  I am scheduling the most recovery than I ever have.  I am still not able to put up another solid effort.  Instead I have to take it down a notch and just spin away.  I need to work on the schedule so that I can have multiple hard efforts on the trainer in a week period.  On the flip side the run is still coming along.  It is taking longer to build my mileage than I had hoped.  This is because I am trying to bring everything up to speed following the marathon and the crash. 

After the weekly Thursday morning training failure I added 8 miles on the run at lunch.  I have been performing these at an easy effort.  The good thing is that the pace is picking up without adding any additional exertion.  That is a good thing.  I clicked off the 8 miles at a 7:45 minute per mile pace at a comfortable effort.

I don’t think the mileage of this weekend is going to smash me but I am looking forward to pushing the pace.


Matty O said...

Granted I don't mash nearly as hard as you do on the trainer, I have the same issue. Takes me about 3 days to get my quads to allow me to push again. Have you tried swimming the day after biking (easy) to loosen up your quads a bit?

I WOULD LOVE a no t-shirt option. My wife only races for the shirts, me, hate them. Half of them are horribly ugly that even I wouldn't wear them in public. I LOVE your use for them though. I am going through my closet tonight and getting chain cleaning rags galore. Great idea.

Have fun this weekend :) Should be an awesome time of like minded people!

Tri4Success said...

A no shirt option would be good as would a no water bottle option. So many of those are of such a cheap variety they are completely worthless.

runnergirl training said...

Cool post & pics! I enjoy following your training!

chris mcpeake said...

great pic. have fun with the clinic

Matthew Bradford said...

Completely agree about the no shirt option in races. If they have a sweet shirt for the race, let me buy it and knock-down the registration cost.

One thing that helps me recover from a hard effort, is a moderate effort training with stretching worked into the work-out at the beginning and the end.

Eager to read about this weekend.