Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Warrior–is that a bad thing?

The brutal heat has subsided somewhat this past week.  The highs have not been in the triple digits.  In fact the highs have only been around 95 – 97.  Yes, this is still hot but the difference in 5 degrees is significant.


That being said, I am certainly glad that I am swimming during the hot parts of the day.  For summer Master’s Swim we are swimming from noon – 1PM.  I can not tell you how fantastic that is!  I am on campus.  I already go to the gym during those hours.  There are no excuses to not get in a quality swim session.

On top off that I am sure my recovery is benefiting.  Normally I would be running miles out on the trace in the heat.  I have noticed that not only is it difficult to get a quality workout in the heat but takes much longer to recover from these workouts.

The Heat Wave was a week ago and that race really put it to me.  The heat was brutal and the run suffered.  But even more than that I was beat down for most of the week.  I was skipping sessions like nobodies business.  Now, I am used to the tired or even sore legs but this was an overall fatigue.  It started in the legs and encompassed the entire body.  I was going to bed tired and waking up feeling just as tired.  I was grumpy.

I was frustrated.  So I took it easy for about 3 days.  I still did Master’s Swim but I stayed out of the heat and I stayed off of the legs.

By the middle of the week I had come around.  I was back to running and biking.  I had some really good sessions and was back to normal. 

I don’t think it was the distance or the intensity of the Heat Wave that put me under.  It was a combination of factors.  First, the heat was brutal.  The run was very difficult.  People were suffering.  People that generally run very well were suffering.  It was not just me.  Immediately after the race I cooled down.  I iced my forearms and then jumped back into the lake.  I also ate sensibly and took care of nutrition.  Also, that afternoon I even took a little nap.  This was perfect post race recovery routine.  I did not even have beer after the race!

However, I made a mistake the next day.  I went on the Sunday group ride.  It was hot.  It was the middle of the afternoon.  I was only going for a recovery ride.  Nothing wrong with that.  I had full intensions to ride 30 miles and head home.

It was spirited on the ride to Sumrall.  More spirited then I needed.  But to top it off I opted in to the extended ride.  I knew what I was getting into but I was having fun. 

Out in the country side of Southern Mississippi there was no shade.  The sun was intense and the ride was brisk.  People were fading hard.  People were suffering.  This ride was putting nails into everyone. 

After another 10 miles of battling the ride finally broke.  We all conceded the ride and took it back home.  However, the damage had been done.  While I did not suffer extensively on the ride I suffered with my recovery the rest of the week.

I am a little embarrassed that I took on the ‘Weekend Warrior’ mentally.  I paid for it by missing several workouts.  I am back on track now – mentally and physically!

It is difficult to check your ego and do what is best.  How do you temper your Weekend Warrior?


Happy Feet 26.2 said...

It always shocks and amazes me how a 5k in July can leave me on the couch the rest of the day, yet I can run a marathon in the winter and keep moving the rest of the day with few issues. It's crazy!

Matty O said...

Yes, that is the hardest thing I struggle with. Check the ego at the door... I always say oh well what's a little more?

Been having a heck of a time recovering myself lately, been taking naps after workouts as well (I NEVER NAP!) so the heat does take its toll on everyone.

Back on track, keep up the good work man.

Ransick said...

It's tough to stick with the plan when you train with a group. At least you are back on track now.

Tri4Success said...

I definitely find it harder to motivate myself to get out in the heat but I don't have the same recovery issue. Perhaps because on really hot days I've been altering my nutrition to include a LOT more electrolytes (and I do mean a lot).