This is my favorite book on running. It breaks down everything you need to know.  With this book you can train for everything from your best 5k to a Boston Qualifying Marathon. Using the VDOT running calculator you will know exactly how fast to run every training session – Easy, Tempo, Marathon, Interval and Repetition . And furthermore, why you are running them!

Run less, Run Faster is a based on the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (FIRST) program. This program uses 3 quality runs PLUS 2 aerobic cross training workouts each week. These quality runs break down to Intervals, Tempos and Long Runs. Each of these runs is physically and mentally challenging. There are no fluff or garbage miles. The book includes training plans for all Boston Qualifying times. The plans are easily adaptable to shorter distance triathlons.

This is the bible for triathlon training. This book will give you the necessary skills to chart out an annual training plan from the early base building to peaking for you’re a race. You will spend hours at the kitchen table tabulating training hours and training intensities for your individualized training plan. You will break down weaknesses (limiters) and determine when and how to overcome them. You will also understand training cycles, nutrition, strength training and race strategies. You will not, however, be able to quickly flip to a pre-made training plan. You must formulate the training plan from scratch.

This book is training plans. It provides very detailed plans from sprint to Olympic to Full Ironman with a difficulty rating of 1 – 10. The plans are very detailed in table format with codes referencing the complete workout. It takes some getting used to but soon you will be able to quickly cross reference the different workouts. This has become more of a reference book of different workouts. The plans are not individualized but they are quality training plans that you can alter to fit almost any training need.

Every question you ever wanted to ask about training with power but were afraid (or too intimidated) to ask. If you have ever thought about training with a power meter than this book is a must have. I would suggest reading the book well in advance of purchasing a power meter.