Do you wake up knowing you want to exercise? You want to get faster or stronger or better but you're just not sure what to do. Do you need to be running farther? Maybe you need to run faster today? What about both? Do you wonder how today’s workout influences the bigger picture?

A few words from some of my clients:

I'm very excited. Saturday's run really gave me a boost, and I think the best part of it was that I was not the least bit worried or nervous about it the night before or that morning. … this is a whole new chapter for me in my training. … I know that working with you is the best decision I could have made for my training. I’m having fun!
- Dawn S.


Thanks for the modified workout. If I had been training myself, I wouldn't have done that and probably ended up giving up after the first 10 minutes.

The new format really helped. It is really cool to look at the Garmin site and see my heart rate is going down while my pace is getting faster. I compared this run with my first run and I'm running almost the same pace except my average heart rate is 20 beats slower and my max heart rate is 30 beats slower.
- Jason T.


... right now, working with a running coach is possibly one of the best things I’ve ever done for my running. It’s nice to be excited and know I’ll be ready [for my marathon]. ... He’s definitely turned my running around.

It’s also been a great mental training experience. When I turned all of my worries over to someone else I instantly felt lighter. More free. I’m not exaggerating. I honestly smile when I run now. I’m not carrying nearly the amount of stress I once did. My running coach, dare I say, is my new security blanket!

If any part of your running is weighing you down then I highly recommend that you find your self a running coach. I don’t know if they’re all as good as mine but if they are you won’t regret it!
- Brandy W.

I am just now getting into coaching ‘professionally’ although I have been coaching friends and family for years.  I have had success coaching all running distances (and speeds) as well as triathlon events from sprint to ironman.

My philosophy is to combine my personal experience in sport with proven scientific methodology.  All athletes will see great gains through progressively challenging workloads, ample recovery times, and physical and mental skill enhancement.  The workouts are just the beginning.

There are many mistakes that are made over and over again that can be easily avoided with proper guidance. I want to help you bypass some of the mistakes and pitfalls.  You know you can go and hammer yourself into the ground on the weekends, but then you have trouble walking the next couple of days.  You skip some of your workouts.  You get to next weekend and do it again.  Did you gain any fitness?  Were your run times any faster?  They probably were the first few times you tried this but now the gains have leveled off.  You are still working hard but you are not getting anywhere.  It is time to train smarter.

All training starts with goal setting.  We need to devise realistic, achievable goals for the short and long term.  Once we have decided where we are headed we will create the road map to your success.

I offer customized training plans to meet your athletic needs that also fit into your lifestyle.  What is the point of scheduling training sessions that are not going to be completed?  We will only be successful if we work together on the same goals.   Your feedback is important to the success of the plan.  The plan can and will be altered to continue your progress.

The services that I currently offer are:

·       Initial consultation with goal setting and fitness evaluation
·       Monthly one-on-one meeting to discuss progress and goal realization
·       Define 'A' priority races
·       Annual training plan (overview)
·       Field testing protocols to determine heart rate training zones for run and bike
·       Weekly training schedule with detailed workouts (daily workouts emailed to you).
·       Training and race nutrition recommendations
·       Training and race equipment advice
·       Phone / email support for all workouts as needed (client initiated)
·       Pre-race strategies meeting / phone call
·       Post-race 'lessons learned’ meeting / phone call

I have been building detailed training plans in Google calendar.  You will have complete access to your own calendar.  Training sessions can be set to be emailed to you directly.  Also, I would be perfectly fine meeting face to face more often than once a month.   Email consultations are unlimited.  Telephone consultations will be scheduled as necessary.

I am charging $100 a month for running only with a 2 month commitment.  Alternatively, if you are interested in triathlon I am charging $125 a month with a 2 month commitment.  The entire amount ($200 or $250) will be expected following the initial consultation (the consultation is free; however, you buy the coffee). 

After the 2 months if you are not completely satisfied we can shake hands and go our separate ways.

REQUEST A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION today.  Let me show you how to meet your goals!