Friday, September 5, 2008

Dark and Fast

Had a good group ride yesterday morning. Having to start in the dark and still pushed the pace. Need to look for a better light on the bike. Being the only one with an underpowered light is a little scary. The prospect of encountering a feld tree or broken branch on the trace with 3 cyclest breathing down your neck is a little tense.

Had planned on an OWS (open water swim) this morning at sun up (6:15AM no a days), however, it was pouring outside. Jumped on the rollers and cranked only half an hour. So boring even with a DVD playing on the laptop. Also it is very hot in my office even with a ceiling fan and floor fan blowing on me.

By the time that I was done on the rollers the rain had stopped and it was nice outside. I do not mind swimming in the rain (already wet) but I do not like swimming in the dark. Should have gone for the swim.