Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Out of town running

The weather in Atlanta has been very mild. I went down to the 'fitness' center at the hotel on Sunday. a treadmill, exercise bikes (recumbent and upright), and a universal machine. Not wonderful but better than nothing. I started on the treadmill but I just could not get into the run. I played with several of the programs but nothing got me excited. I hit the weight machine instead. I spent about 20 minutes listening to a podcast and just going through the motions.

I was tired from the drive and just called it a day. Monday was taxing and I did not even attempt to go downstairs to the fitness room and the concrete jungle was not calling. I checked Google maps to see if there was any kind of park near by and there was nothing. I certainly was not going to drive anywhere - there seems to be a gas shortage here. None of the stations are getting much gas. It has been on the news every night. There really is not much gas.

This morning I dragged myself out of bed to try to go for a run. I hit the outside at about 6:00 AM. I headed towards the training facility where I have been having class. I ran up a small hill and there was just sidewalks. Nothing was very becoming for a run.

I came upon a giant intersection that I really did not want to wait for a 'walk sign.' I was just about to turn around when I saw another runner coming towards me. He was running a pretty fast pace. I asked him where there was to run around this area. Without even slowing he said to follow him.

Greg was on mile 10 of 16 and still maintaining an 8 minute pace. He is trying to qualify for Boston in December. Although the running environment did not get any better the company made for a good run. Having someone to run with that was familiar with area was comforting. Greg works for Cox and one of their buildings is just across the street from my hotel. We are going to meet for another run at 5:30 tomorrow.