Thursday, October 16, 2008

The stadium ate my lunch

Drove in yesterday morning due to needing to run some errands in the AM and PM. This would only be a one-a-day exercise day and a small break from the grind.

Ran out to 'The Rock' to run the stadium stairs with Vic, Chad and Richard. This was a tough day. I wore a pair of old running shoes and it was very apparent. Cardio wise I was doing well but my legs and feet hurt. Not hitting the stadium for a couple weeks was noticeable.

Successfully completed three sessions and then back to the gym. Gym felt better then the stadium and we did several bouts of abs with the medicine ball. Good times. Felt strong.

Today I rode the bike in and at lunch decided to try the treadmill with the 'Alpine Trail'. This is a challenging workout. I set the max speed at 8.5 MPH and the max incline at 12 for 30 minutes. I can complete this session but it is definitely a work out that is felt in the calves.

Did chest workout with Vic and Chad for first time in a couple of weeks. Started at a higher weight (205) and then dropped down each set. This is the first time in a very long time that I gone to failure on each set. I will be sore in tomorrow.

On a side note I will be working all night again and bad food will be present.