Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hobble then Gobble 5 MILE run

Went out to Lake Serene for the Thanksgiving Day run. Lake Serene is the place that I did almost all of my open water swimming last summer. I did dip my hand in the water to test the temperature. It seemed really cold. I was not running this race today but rather lending support for fellow runners (I did ride the bike on the trainer early this morning). I'm not able to just run a race - I easily get caught up in the excitement of the event. With the 1/2 marathon only two days away I believe that the only thing that could come out of this five mile race would be excuses - why I did not do well in the 1/2 marathon that is.

This would be Vic and Jodie's first ever races. Vic wanted to run a personal best 5 mile run at under 39 minutes and Jodie was using this race as a practice run for the 1/2 marathon. They both achieved their goals!

The Really Fast guys rounding the first turn. This race would be a sub 30 minute five mile run for some.

Jim (yellow shirt #219) heading out for the run. We will start doing structured ironman training and hitting the swim (in wetsuits) in just a few short months.

Vic achieving his goal and finishing in good form.

Jodie gliding in.