Monday, January 12, 2009

Swimming again

Went to the gym today at lunch planning on spinning on the exercise bike. I noticed that the signs saying that the pool was closed were no longer up. Headed to the pool and it was indeed full water and in fact people were swimming. Rushed to the locker room and pulled on my swim trunks. I braced myself for cold water. Much to my surprise the water was perfect.

The swimming was hard. For the first 500 yards or so my arms, shoulders and back ached. It started to get a little better. I ended up doing 50 laps (2500 yards) and was proud of my effort.

I also saw that the gym is offering swim classes next month. Now, I won't drown or anything in the water but I can definitely use some improvement. They have the following class levels:

Level I - Elementary Aquatic Skills
Level II - Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Level III - Stroke Development
Level IV - Stroke Improvement
Level V - Stroke Refinement
Level VI - Swimming and Skill Proficiency

I think I will be somewhere in the Level IV or V. I'm pretty excited.

On a side note I will get the bike ride in this evening. It is just an hour of easy spinning. I brought a book.