Monday, February 2, 2009

Broke the TT bike out

Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia. - H.G. Wells
For Sunday I did break the race bike out (Giant Trinity A1). This was the first time that I had been on it in about 4 months. I have been riding my road bike exclusively. The road bike feels like a Cadillac compared to the race bike. Nice and smooth and stretched out and stable. The more up right seating position is so comfy.

I did a little 20 mile time trial out and back from my house. I have done this route so many times. The trace was crowded (beautiful day) so I had to slow down a little a couple of times. The race bike is faster, but you have to work at it harder. The steep seat angle and aero position just simply cheat the wind better.

That being said - I has so miserable and hurting during this 20 mile ride. The hard aero angle is a killer on the 'soft tissue'. The biggest hurdle was the different muscles that this bike requires you to use. My quadriceps were screaming at me the entire ride. My heart rate was reasonable but the legs were aching.

Last year I rode the race bike from May until October. I never got off of the bike. I rode it as commuter, time trial, group ride - you name it. I was really surprised at how different it is to ride.

I am glad that I got it out early so that I can incorporate it into my training.

After the 20 mile time trial (in just under an hour - 59:20 - way off from my PR of about 54:xx from last summer) I parked the race bike and jumped on the road bike for the group ride. I did not want to push it any harder that I already had. I got another 35 miles in a spirited ride with the group. I was glad to be done with the ride when it was over. Got 55 miles for the day and 108 for the weekend.

Not sure why but my nagging right hamstring was bothering me all last night. Not much better today.


Missy said...

I'm with YOU, I lerve me a road bike any day. So cushy and soft and YES, the TT bike will wear out the 'soft tissue' and it'll bring a tear to the eye in the shower. Good to get those TT muscles firing, though!

Marci said...

I so wish it was warm enough where I am to be riding outside! Nice job on the 20 mile TT :)