Friday, February 20, 2009

More swimming - I'm on a roll

Julie - Thanks for the picture and yes - that is my ROCKET helmet.

I got up early this morning to do a 1000 yard time trial. At the end of January (before swim class) I did a 1000 yard time trial. Same conditions (pool -duh) but I was unsure of the total elapsed time - It was either 16:20 (1:38 / 100 yards) or 17:20 (1:43 / 100 yards) - I'm betting now that it was the 17:20 - I feel faster! This morning I did an easy 500 warm up and then a 1000 yard swim in 15:56 (1:35.6 / 100 yards). A new personal best! It was harder than I wanted it to be - I know it is supposed to be hard but the only time I am going to be swimming in a race I will have that bike and run stuff afterward. My warm up and cool down 500 yard sets were just about the same pace.

Had a nice 5 mile run outside at lunch. I was going to be a longer run but I saw some Sam and Chris on their bike and they were broke down. Sam's cassette lock ring kept spinning off. He was on his race wheels with a SRAM red cassette. Super light stuff. Anyway - it is good that if he was going to have a break down then it is better on a training run than a race.

I am thinking of the trifecta - doing a known out and back bike route in the morning (followed by a brick). It would be interesting to see where my biking is compared to last year.


Marci said...

OMG... that pic is so hillarious! Hope that's not you in the pic... heehee!

Missy said...

That's no Rocket helmet...That's the infamous Sperm Helmet!