Thursday, February 26, 2009

Morning ride.

I had my second to last swim class last night. I have really enjoyed the coaching. It is nice to be challenged and then get critiqued on my form. I am definitely feeling better in the water. Last class will be Friday.

For the first time this year I hit the trace on the bike for an early morning ride. The sun was barely starting to come up at 6:30AM. A nice 20 mile out and back to start the day - nothing killer but I finished in 1:01.43 on my road bike. That is a pretty good time on that bike.

Although I am looking forward to more light in the evening I wish the sunrise would continue to get earlier. Remember Daylight Savings time is March 8th - SPRING FORWARD in 2 weeks.


Missy said...

I love to do a 5:30am bike ride before my day starts...I can't wait for daylight savings, though. Something about a bike ride when the sun is coming up. It's just nice.