Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Running TT - strong and a wimp

I rode the rollers this morning in the garage while watching the rain come down. 35 minutes and practiced clipping and unclipping from the pedals.

The running TT took place at lunch. My legs still fell like lead but the mind was willing. I did my easy 10 minute warm-up (10:00 minute / mile pace) and then accelerated. The 2 mile mark of the working set ( the Time Trial ) came at 13:20 - right at a 6:40 minute / mile pace and I was still working into the set. I leveled off at a 6:30 minute / mile pace. My heart rate was climbing into the mid 180's - higher than I would have liked for this speed - this heart rate is not sustainable. At 186 I backed the treadmill down to let my heart rate recover a little bit. This was right about 19 minutes into the time trial. This is where the machine malfunctioned. I had slowed to about a 7 minute / mile pace and my heart rate was back in the 170's. I went to increase the speed of the treadmill and it would not go. I was running along at this less than maximum pace and getting frustrated. I hit the stop button in hopes that I could then resume the workout. The treadmill just stopped and reset itself. I started running again but by this time my heart rate had recovered down into the 150's. I also did not a have distance that could compare to the earlier time trial. I wimped out here. I called it a day - a 10 minute warm up with a hard 20 minute set - good for just about 4 miles.

I still have a swimming class later today.


Run Mommy said...

HI there..just enjoying your posts. I love to learn of the tri's as one day - I will step past the marathon and give it a tri. :)

Missy said...

That TT sounds puke worthy. Barf o rama, I hate that stuff but it works!

TRI-james said...

Thanks for the encouragement from both of you! I'm going to try the TT again soon on an outside course.