Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

They did not have Valentine's candies like that when I was a kid! Maybe I am just cynical but that's a little creepy.

I rode the rollers for 45 minutes this morning. I was practicing a higher (normal) cadence in the 90's. On the rollers my cadence has fallen. I bounce a little with the high cadence but I think that is the purpose of the rollers - to smooth out your riding and make you better. I also started to lift one hand off the bars for 15 seconds at a time. It is much easier with my right hand. I am not comfortable yet but I can at least wipe the sweat from my eyes.


Ulyana said...

That's it! I'm going to get rollers, sounds like so much fun... and I really do need to improve A LOT!

Missy said...

Oh YEAH, I know all about feeling puky in the pool, barf o rama. I am actually heading out to go for a bike ride. It'll be fun but it might be slow...we'll see!

Jennifer said...

I have enjoyed the videos and it's great to hear that you are begining to master the rollers!