Friday, March 27, 2009

Pool time - the taper continues

With the pool closed all last week I have been in the water a lot this week. I really felt strong yesterday at lunch. I followed the workout as prescribed and everything just clicked -

Swim Endurance
45 minutes - 2500 yards
Long easy swim.
Warm Up: 400 swim
Main set:
400 pull
400 w/paddles
300 swim
300 pull
300 w/paddles
6x50 Fast on 60"
Cool Down: 100

Easy stuff. This morning I was back in the pool and did 1 x 1500 yards. Not my best time but it was okay (24:43 - best is 23:59).

I want (and NEED) to get some open water swimming but the weather here has not cooperated - big time thunderstorms and stuff. Maybe this weekend.


Missy said...

Taper and some rest are good things. Nice workout. If you don't get into open water, do you have some peeps to swim in the pool with? A great drill is to swim shoulder to shoulder the length of the pool and do that a few times to help navigate bodies.

TRI-james said...

The OWS is mainly for the sighting. I will get in the lake this week - if nothing else the day before the race will work.