Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Went for a 50 mile bike ride with Jodie on Sunday. It was at a good pace and we enjoyed the ride. I get a little antsy and had to sprint ahead a couple of times. My legs felt strong. Later that night they were a little achy - I guess just from the combined workouts of the weekend. An intramural softball team started up last week. The first game is Monday - we did not really have a team but we did get a short practice in on Sunday - 5 people. I do a lot of ab work in the gym but I can feel my obliques from the bat already.

I got up late on Monday morning and did not have much time in the pool. I saw Jen who had just won her age group in the Sunfish Duathlon. We chatted a bit and I only swam 500 yards. Oh well.

Monday's lunch was a nice and easy (8:30 pace) 4 mile run and then some back strength work. Hitting the weights was tough after a week off. It was really hard to hit the back muscles - my arms were fatiguing quickly.

Had a great time at the softball game on Monday night - even though no one on our team got on base. We were playing one of the fraternity teams - I think some of the girls must have played high school ball. We were just out classed but it was a fun time.

I got up a little bit earlier today - back in the groove - and got a solid 1500 yards in the pool - 250 warm up - 12 x 100 yards with progressively shorter recovery and a 250 yard cool down. I brought the wet suit with me to work and I am going to try to get out in a lake after work. There are thunderstorms on the horizon and this may be my only chance for the rest of the week.


Missy said...

Dang...when do you sleep!? Don't forget that part;) You're getting so close. Can't wait to watch all of 'yous' in NOLA!