Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weight - ???

My original weight goal was to be 155 by April 5th. If you look at the chart – this simply has not happened. My weight has bounced around like a fart in a mitten. It would seem like it was trending down but jump right back up. Now my weight will fluctuate easily from water weight but it should be dropping. There have been just too many activities (crawfish boil, St Thomas Italian / Irish fest, Beer Club, Running Club – separate clubs but basically the same, meatball cones, founders day celebrations, ballroom dance socials, etc.). Add to the fact that I have been putting some serious mileage in and my appetite has been through the roof.

The diet is easy to control at work – I have a regimented schedule except for various work place social functions. But at home, especially on the weekends, it is a different story. I’m working on it.

I do try to do the right thing. For example – at the duathon last weekend, due to weather, the turnout was a little lite. There were whole pizzas left and we were encouraged to take one. I looked through them trying to find a cheese pizza. All that was left was pepperoni or sausage. I grabbed a sausage pizza. Jody has grad students that work in the field everyday with her. They crawl around on the ground and wear fatigues and stuff and it has been cold and rainy. I thought that I would be a hero and bring them a pizza.

Well, I got home a little late from the race and they were gone. I stuck the pizza in the frig and I would take it to them in the morning. I told Jody my plan. It turns out that in addition to Jody being a vegetarian (I knew this of course) that so is another of her students. Also, one of her students is allergic to meat (beef, chicken, pork). So guess who ate the pizza (or half of it) – that’s right – from hero to zero.

If there is any consolation prize – according to my bio-luminescence, bio-mechanical, bio-electric thingy thingy scale I have lost 2 percent body fat. This is not an accurate measurement device but it has proven to be precise. I’m going and get my Dexa body fat measurement when I won’t be embarrassed by the results.


Missy said...

Damn it all to hell! The pizza devil got you. Got me for lunch today too, tasty. It IS hard to manage when you're hungry and/or tired ALL the time!


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