Saturday, April 4, 2009

NOLA 70.3 - T-minus 1

I did a triathlon check list last night and packed up everything for the race. I still need to pack some clothes for the weekend. We should get to NO by about lunch time. Jodie has prepared all of the travel food - the drive is less than 2 hours, but... - we still need travel food.

I realize that adding the swim portion seems to require so much more stuff than the Duathlon I did just last weekend. For the Duathlon - bike, bike shoes, bike, helmet, running shoes, sun glasses and race belt.

True, this is a 1/2 Ironman and I have to travel so the list is much longer.
extra goggles
unitard thingy
bike flat repair stuff
bike shoes
floor pump
crack pipe - adapter thingy for race wheels
race wheels
water bottles
bike tools
running hat
running shoes
directions to race, etc
race foods (gels, etc)
heart rate monitor
heart rate monitor strap
towel - post race
transition bag
USAT card
wallet - money
victory speech

So once I get to NO I will go to the host hotel and do the mandatory race briefing, hit the expo (a little shopping maybe) and then drive to the bike check-in.

I hope to get a quick swim in the lake this afternoon. Kristin blogged about there being a pretty good chop in the water yesterday. I'll need to check that out.

Then off to the hotel to check in. I'm having dinner at a Tony's sisters house tonight in Meterie. Tony invited all of us Hattiesburg people down for pasta. It looks like a lot of fun.


Jennifer said...

Good luck James! You will do great and I hope you have a lot of fun as well! Cheers!