Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday = rest day ??? - frustration...

Taking it easy again today! Still not feeling real great (understatement = productive cough = yuk -- If I was Steve in a Speedo I would take a picture). I also have some running around to do because the past two weekends I was out of town (first New Orleans and then Jackson - for that century ride). I am excited about getting back to exercise and my A race Ironman is still not until August so a little time here getting better will not effect anything.

I have said this before but I am really going to try and follow my new training plan as close as possible. I have been doing my own thing and training hard for a long time - and seen good results. But I think with a race as long as an ironman - winging it is not an option.

Now to disregard everything I just said - I also really want to add some extra intensity to my strength training. More functional strength. I don't care how much I can bench press or curl. I just want to be stronger.

Time to feel better first!