Friday, May 1, 2009

Biggest Loser - Day 1

Another early morning group ride hammer fest! Packed the bag for work before bed again so that I could ride out of the house at 5:45AM. The sun is just coming up at that time. It is a little bit dark but manageable.

Met the group. Keith had a new Kuota Kaliber and was wanting to test her out; JD was very strong again and Lance and I were just along for the ride. I was on my race bike this morning – by road bike was up at school. Keith and JD took off at a blistering pace and Lance and I just let them go. It would be several miles before they let up and we regrouped. So many rabbits hopping about at this hour. They are not a big concern – it seems if you aim for them then they will get out of the way – most of the time! Opossums are another story. We were in a tight pace line – JD was out front and I was just behind JD – and out of nowhere this opossum comes lumbering across the trace. Quick reactions are the only thing that saved us all – disaster was narrowly averted. All in all we did the ~22 miles in 1:00:58 – a very fast pace for us! With my commute – total bike miles were 35.

Everyone I know and I mean everyone is doing the Crawfishman triathlon this Sunday. Everyone but me – I am kicking myself. I don’t know how this one slipped through the cracks. I have been trying to get an entry all week but the race is full. I feel left out but it is my own fault. I wait until the last moment a lot so this has caused me to go ahead and register for all of my sure thing races. Lesson learned – I hop.

On another note – my weight has been stagnating at around 165 pounds. I threw down the gauntlet yesterday morning and challenged a couple of co-workers to see who can lose the most body weight percentage in the month of May. Today is the first weigh in. I believe the exposure, the accountability and my competitive nature will allow for me to drop some of this stubborn weight!


Missy said...

I know but beer and pizza are so dang good!?! I totally understand. It's simple but not easy. Now, if I could just turn down that cold beer?