Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bring on the heat!

On Tuesday at lunch I had a faster than normal 4 mile run. I don’t know why it got fast. I went for a run with Chad, Vic, and Adam (Adam just joined the gym – first day). Nothing big – but it was pretty warm. We headed out at a slow pace. Adam was a good sport. He said, “If we keep this pace I will be able to keep up!” With this being his first day of running I thought that was ambition but was proud of the resolve.

Adam dropped off place at about a mile – no shame – we would pick him back up on the way back. After about 2 and a half maybe three miles Chad and I were gradually pushing the pace. Once again, I really don’t know why. This was supposed to be an easy run but the last mile turned into a 7:20 sprint – not all out or anything but faster than intended. Go figure.

Vic was right behind us (maybe 40 seconds back) and then Adam not far behind. I have lots of respect for Adam hanging in there. To run / walk for 3 miles on your first day at the gym is tough.

We hit the weights for the second half of the session. An all back work in a circuit. My back felt pretty strong even considering the swim workout of the morning. Not a killer day but pretty good.

I saw Jim in the locker room and he is just finishing up school and is excited about getting back in the game. He was asking what my weekend plans looked like – I think I have a training partner for some of the longer sessions. Jim is also planning on doing all of the local triathlons this year (and maybe doubling the runs for some harder / longer sessions). If you remember, Jim is signed up for IMKY also.

On my commute home I ran into John P. (the legend – he has done more Ironman’s than I can count). I had not seen him since 70.3 NOLA. We swapped training encouragement – John had a tough race last month in New Orleans – two flats on the bike – ouch.

It is turning hot and humid here in Southern Mississippi – this should help with the acclimation for Kentucky in August!