Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo - Miles = 4 Cerveza = 0

I had a good short quick swim at lunch on Tuesday. An easy 500 yard warm up where I practiced bilateral breathing again. I altered the technique by breathing every stoke on the right then every other stroke followed by every stroke on the left. I have difficulty with feeling like I am running out of breath. I see people swim with while breathing every 5 or 7 strokes - I am amazed. Then 5 x 100 yards all under 1:30 followed by a 500 yard cool down. Those 100's were tough for me.

I met up with the running club just after work at the trace trail head. There was a light rain coming down. There were only 4 of us and we were contemplating the run. It was intended as speed work - none of us were really up for that. It seems that we waited until the rain was coming down the hardest before we started. We were soaked instantly. I really don't mind running in the rain - once I am wet there is no need to try and avoid the puddles. However, during the hardest part of the down pour the thunder and lightening started up. We sprinted to a underpass and hid out for a few minutes.

We met up with a few more people after our little three mile run and ran to a Mexican food restaurant for some refreshment. Jodie met us at the restaurant with some dry clothes and shoes for me - what a god sent! I got off of the diet just a little bit - nothing bad. Fortunately the it was so crowded and the service was so bad that the chips and salsa did not automagicly reappear. No cerveza for me.


Missy said...

Bilateral breathing - YES on 5-7 strokes! Are you holding your breath underwater or exhaling slowly? I think a lot of people subconsciously hold their breath. You have to think - blowing bubbles and not fast just slowly. Just before you come up for air, ensure your lungs are empty, blow all air out. When you go to breathe, it should allow you to get a full lung rather than just 70-80% b/c you weren't empty.

I hope that makes sense. Living with asthma most of my life and very in tune with the breathe.

Kristin said...

Good job resisting the beer. I wasn't as disciplined :)