Monday, May 4, 2009

I hate these monkey fight’n snakes on this Monday to Friday Trace!

I really did make it to the gym for some pool work. I decided to get to the pool the minute it opened so that I could at least have the one lane to myself for a little while. I jumped in the pool while the kids (there are always kids on the weekends – they have birthday parties and such) where still getting settled in. I had about an hour to swim and kind of just decided to swim a bunch of sets. I decided on 12 x 300 yards on 5 minutes.

That worked for about 3 sets and was just too fast for me. I had to increase the rest – so the next 9 sets were on 5:15. At about the half way point I had to share the lane with one other lone swimmer – no big deal. However a few sets later and there were some little kids that started to use the one lane. It got a little crowded but I finished my workout. It was a lot like open water swimming – race conditions.

It has been heating up in Mississippi and the snakes were out in full force last weekend. During my brick on Saturday I came up behind a lady and she was carrying a stick – no make that a club. She asked me if I had seen any snakes. I said not this weekend but the prior weekend I had seen about a half dozen. She said she was ready this week. Funny stuff – the snakes always just run away when I approach them – I don’t make to carry a big stick – just run loudly.


Kristin said...

Haha, that makes me think of all the snake roadkill on the course at IMNO. I've never seen anything like that!