Friday, May 22, 2009

Without a plan you plan to fail…

I don’t like the term ‘over training’ – I think it is used too often for when you just do not want do the hard work. Like – ‘I might be over training so I think I’ll take a break and do the china buffet instead.’ However, when you are flirting with that edge you must take precautions – and, to me rather drastic precautions. Thursday I did nothing physical.

I do not want this fatigue that I have been experiencing to turn into something worse. I have not really been here before – I have managed my fatigue by racing through it in the past – meaning my days off came from tapers – more races equal more days off. This was working last year when I was not following a scheduled training plan. I was really just winging it – there was no build. I did the bikes and runs and occasional swims when I want and how I wanted. I still put in a lot of hours and did not take many days off but it just was not the same. There were not many 3-a-days (there have been several this year just because I wanted to add some play to the existing workout plan).

Looking at the symptoms that I posted a few days ago I can see that I am recovering nicely. There is no soreness in my legs. I had been rolling my legs every night just to relieve the tightness – there was limited success. I was told that I am not as irritable (yes I was told by others that I did that I definitely had symptom. And my physical self-confidence might be getting back to its normal level of 10+. I had doubted myself for some of my upcoming races – doubting whether I would be able to push myself hard – doubting whether my speed would come on during a race. For what it is worth, I did not have any trouble overcoming my ego and taking the time off – I have treated this like an injury. I know that it is better to take a little time off now before it becomes major and I need to take weeks off.

I am also going to take Friday off and play Saturday by ear. Then it will be back to the training plan – and hopefully – only to the training plan.

On the diet front, I was really concerned about putting on some weight without the exercise to burn the calories. I have stuck to my normal diet and not only have I maintained the last couple of days but I have dropped a pound. My weight easily fluctuates but 5 – 10 pounds – so I will take it at face value.


Missy said...

Glad to hear it. Sometimes, rest IS best. Overtraining IS real, you just gotta know yourself well enough. Don't be a slacker but you don't have to kill yourself either. While we still want to do well, it's still gotta be fun!

Kristin said...

Overtraining exists, usually it hits people who just wing it rather than follow a structured plan. There is so much behind time needed for recovery and switching between activities. That is one of the reasons I work with a coach. I'm glad you rested, you'll come back feeling far better for it.