Friday, June 26, 2009

Hard days night -

The Thursday group ride consisted of just Robin and me. Lance and JD were tapering for a race this weekend – JD talked Lance into it at the last minute – that better be why Lance missed the morning ride. Robin and I had a conversational pace ride and I enjoyed the training talk. When it comes to training Robin is a little smarter - he does not hammer the bike every day. This was my fourth morning ride this week – I guess I was making up for the missed rides over the travel weekend. This gives me just over 100 miles for the week days and I am sure I will stack a few more on this weekend.

I only got 30 minutes of my swim in at lunch and cut it short by 1000 yards. I got to lunch late and lap swim ends at 1:00 PM. It was still a solid swim and I felt fast – and my times were fast. I consistently clocked 250 yard sets at less than 4 minutes without pushing it. I am excited to see what my 1000 yard time trial time will be – previous best was just a hair under 16:00. In addition the lake swim on Wednesday was a bonus swim and I will get another today at lunch – the swim mileage is not suffering.

However, my run has been totally off – I ran twice last weekend but not much since then – a hilly treadmill run on Monday – that’s it! I was planning on doing some speed work on Thursday night with Robin and the cross-country team but some work commitments ran longer than I had planned. In fact, Thursday was a long day. I left the house on bike at 5:30 AM – got my ride in and then drove to work. I did not leave campus and get home until after midnight. I am glad that I pay myself first with my morning workouts – nothing else can come up!


Missy said...

I try to front load my weeks and days too! You just really never know what will come up. Pack it in and then if everything goes as planned, you can take a day off. Inevitably, something throws a wrench at you..

Marci said...

So your training is a little off... at least you are out there tri-ing :)