Friday, July 3, 2009

Group ride break aways

Just a quick note – it is Friday and I have the day off and I am heading out the door for a BIG training day.

Thursday morning was the group ride. It was Robin, Lance, JD, Terry and me. For some reason I decided to ride my road bike. Don’t get me wrong, my tri bike is faster but my road bike handle better and is so much quicker. JD took us out. Being on my road bike I just felt like sprinting. I settled in behind JD and when he finished his pull I got in the drops and stood on the cranks and just let loose. It was fun. I was spent in just a few hundred yards. The group went past and it took just about everything to just grab the back of a wheel. I repeated this couple of times during the ride. Lance was a little under the weather and Robin is just too smart to play along. But JD, who – when it comes to cycling is just like me, traded pulls for the entire ride. By the time we were done I was cooked. It was a fun morning ride and I felt my legs all day (the hill run the night before did not help).

I got 2500 yards in at the pool during lunch by practicing a lot of bilateral breathing and weak side stroking. Nothing major – just logging yards. I remember when 1500 yards was a big deal…

The commute home was a scorcher. I rode home with Jodie and we were both beat – defeated by the afternoon heat.


Missy said...

Sounds like a fun ride with friends! Those are my favs. I spend lots of time of my road bike - it's just fun like 'dat.