Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Heat acclimation - working on it!

I got up early Monday morning for a 2 hour easy ride. This would be my longest ride during the week. Weekends are no problem for the long ride but during the week they have been difficult. With the sun rising around 5:30 AM it has now become possible. I packed my bag with my work clothes and left them in the garage. I headed out towards Sumrall. This would be a comfortable pace. Knowing that the OUT is slightly up hill I went out for 50 minutes and turned around at the 15 mile mark. I swung by the house and grabbed the back pack and continued to work. I ended the ride with 37 miles at just under 2 hours. I believe that this will be pretty close to my Ironman pace at the end of August. The ride has comfortable. At that pace it would put the Ironman leg at just about 6 hours – plus KY has hills.

I met up with Chris and Jim at lunch for a trace run. We wanted about 5 miles. It was still hot – damn hot – but the humidity was just a little lower. Chris said it was miserable. I did not disagree; it was miserable, just not as miserable as the past weekend. My legs were tired but I was able to keep a solid pace. I got ahead of Chris and Jim a couple of times and I stopped to wait for them. I probably should have just run my own pace – either faster or slower but without the rest intervals. All in all we finished up in 45 minutes with the 5 miles.


Marci said...

Just reading about your training... you'd make a great motivator and training partner for moi :)

Tina said...

Does this sound like anyone you know??

Kristin said...

At least you'll be ready for the heat in Louisville! I don't know how you do it, the heat kills me.

Missy said...

Sometimes, a run with a friend is better than any PR alone! That's what I say.

You'll be fine for KY with all this heat we've been having. Guys around here have been saving their workouts for the heat of the day too. Ouch!

Dave said...

Oh...come to TEXAS...that is good heat training with a heat index of 109F...It is this time of year where I scratch off the Badwater 135 ultra OFF the list.