Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Post race recovery

I decided to do an easy run on Sunday. I wanted to run down to Jackson Station and do some pull-ups and chin-ups. My upper body strength training has been neglected the past couple of months. The run was easy but my quads and hamstrings were really tight from the race. Not painful but sore. I ran the 1.5 miles to the exercise yard / playground area. I was not able to do nearly as many ‘-ups as I was in the spring. However, the run was feeling good so I continued the run a bit further and turned around at mile 3. Back at Jackson Station I did another couple of sets of ‘-ups and I headed back home. It was much hotter on this morning than race day!

I had some lunch and then prepared myself for the group ride. I was only going to do the 30 mile out and back but we had such a good group that I decided to ride further. We hooped of the trail and took Rocky Branch South. The traffic was pretty bad for a Sunday afternoon but once we were out of the congestion the ride opened up. This was a hilly loop and a little more than I had wanted. But it was all managed fine. I sprinted ahead for just a few minutes with Ty. Ty is a very strong rider and just let me spin out ahead until I was done. Then he took the pull and I just held on – I was glad a junction was up ahead and we stopped for the group. I also got another break when someone flatted. Ended the day with just under 45 miles.

As a side note – remember that you can recycle your used CO2 cylinders – they are aluminum and can be tossed in just about any recycle bin.

I slept late on Monday and hit the pool for a little bit at lunch. I was really not feeling the water very well and jumped out after only 1000 yards. I was going to go up stairs and do some strength training, however, I crossed Jim and Ryan in the locker room and they were going outside for a run. I decided to tag along and we did an easy 3.5 miles.


Kristin said...

Wow, just 32 days to go! You must be getting pretty excited.