Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swimming with a plan

I felt a lot better after taking Tuesday off. I got up early on Wednesday for an easy run. The humidity hit me like a brick wall. It wasn’t 10 feet before I was soaking wet. I headed west at an easy pace. I would not have enough time to get all the way to Eply this morning.

Anyway, I was feeling good – no aches or pains and although the legs were still tired they did not put up very much resistance. I turned around at the 5 mile point just past the beaver pond. At mile seven I decided to pick the pace up a little. I have been having trouble putting in hard efforts on the run. The hard efforts on the bike have gotten easy – it’s just running hard that is, well, hard. Most of my miles were around 8:30 minute / mile pace but I picked it up at mile seven and did a 6:46 minute / mile pace. It was a hard effort. I think that running fast should be a bit easier right now. I understand that my endurance is going through the roof but I feel so slow. Earlier this year – real early like February and March I PR’ed twice at the 5k distance with my best being 19:09 – I don’t feel like I am even close to that mark at this time. I do realize that I am not training for a 5k right now but …

I wrapped up the 10 mile run in 1:24 at an 8:28 minute / mile pace. All in all it was a good early morning run.

I made it to the pool during lunch. Learning from my past two experiences I took a workout with me. Just like clockwork – when I have a plan I stick to it! I churned out a fast 3000 yards consisting of the following:

WU: 200
1,000 time trial.
500 time trial
- 200 yd free w/ 20" rest
- 150 yd free w/ 15" rest
- 100 w/ 10" rest
- 50 w/ 1' rest CD: 300

The swim felt good and I was proud of myself for sticking to a plan. It was not hard – I have just had a hard time getting the swim in – well the last two swims any way – I have swum 35,000 yards this month.


Kristin said...

35,000 yards! I'm around 30,000, I think next month will be bigger for me. You must be getting so close to taper - are you doing 2 or 3 weeks?