Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Case closed - or at least settled.

Jury duty is over. The case was settled before anything really happened. Either the jury looked too tough or the jury looked too easy – I guess we will never know.

The weekend ‘off’ day helped the back immensely. I went from my back hurting 90% of the time to 10% of the time. It was much easier for me to find comfortable ways to sit and sleep. It was hard to feel really good except for my back. The weakest link I guess – frustrating. While my back was sore I did do some bike maintenance. I put a new chain on my old road bike and now it is road ready. It had been scaring me a little bit with the chain popping off.

I forgot how hard it is for me to ride the trainer. I set up fans and stuff to watch and the whole 9 yards. 30 minutes was about all I could muster. I tried again in the late afternoon and only got about 15 minutes. I was trying to ride at a good tempo pace but it was hard. I should have just ridden outside but I was still babying my back – I thought the trainer would allow for me to pick a position and not have to move at all.

In addition, I have been riding my road bike a lot recently – almost exclusively except for races. I have been riding with groups and I have not done much solo work. When I switch back to my race bike I always feel it in my legs. The race bike just uses my muscles in a different way. I have decided to mothball the road bike until after IMKY. This is the home stretch and I think specificity rules.


Keith said...

Pace-booty! That was funny! Though I'd have had a heart attack pretty quick trying to keep up. Thanks for the comment.

Back pain is always tough - good luck with that. Sometimes all you can do is not do anything, which is surprisingly hard, and just try to let it relax.

Getting on the trainer is tough, especially in the "summer". I was hoping to get out for a nice easy recovery spin today, and it's rain, rain, rain, and it says it's going to rain all week. Boooo. I may be on the trainer, because I really want that spin. IT"S AUGUST for crying out loud!!!

Getting close to your big day, hang in there. Don't fret about missing workouts, at this point you won't gain or lose much cardio fitness, much better to have relaxed and happy muscles. At least that's what I think.

Marci said...

Sitting on your trainer in the summer is very rough... good job for hanging in there for a little bit of time on it!

Jennifer said...

Happy to hear your back is feeling better! A good swim would help, if only the pool wasn't closed, but who knows maybe an OWS tomorrow...