Friday, August 21, 2009

Ironman pacing on the bike

Thursday morning was the group ride as usual and we had a pretty good turnout considering that it is so late in the year. Lance is organizing a group to go down to the coast for the Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Tri – an Olympic triathlon taking place in Gulf Shores on September 19th. I do not think that I will be making this race…

I decided to try out my ironman bike pacing during the group ride. I just jumped into the heart rate zone and kept it steady. The pace felt comfortable but maybe just a little bit challenging. I was at the upper end of my zone – 88% of my bike LT – which is 149 beats per minute. The last race that I did, the Heart O’Dixie, I was able to average 171 beats per minute for 1:08:44 (27.5 miles). This heart rate average is so much higher than last year. I was pushing to average in the low 160’s last summer. however, my run average is lower this year – give and take, ebb and flow I guess.

I skipped the gym for lunch but still had my commute home – just 6 miles. Those 6 miles just happened to be in the rain. I still enjoyed the ride!

I have been retrospective this week – my first blog post – almost a year ago (September 3, 2008) –

Pushing the envelope and way out of the comfort zone. After debating with myself all day today - I finally pulled the trigger and registered for Ironman Louisville (KY) 2009. You have to register a year in advance - these races fill up quickly. Looking over the stats for the 2008 race there were around 3000 people who registered and 2000 people who started the race. Another 200 people started but did not finish the race. From registration to finishing only about 2/3 completed their goal. My friend Jim was one of these people that did not finish. I have great respect for Jim and his fitness level. He got caught up in a tragic bout of dehydration after 70 miles on the bike. He felt much better after several IV's at a nearby fire station. This is not encouraging.

As of today I have never swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles or ran a marathon (26.2 miles.) This will be a challenge and a goal for 2009. Pushing the envelope and way out of the comfort zone.

I still have not ran a marathon but I will in 8 days


Mel-2nd Chances said...

enjoy your taper!! you're so close now! so far my journey into triathlon has all been outside of my comfort zone, i'm loving it!

Ron said...

Brave to go into an IM without running a marathon. You are going to crush it...

Ryan said...

It is all good, just a really long day.

Remember to save some extra power for the last 33 miles of the bike course, hilly, hard, and headwind!!!