Thursday, August 6, 2009

Off day - swimming and strength training - lol

Following the Tuesday 2 a day (bike AM – run PM) with the evening bike kicker I took Wednesday morning off. And with a long run planned for Thursday evening and the pool being closed I did not have much to do at lunch. I decided to do a little upper body strength training. I have missed the strength training for the last couple of months – my strength training has been very sporadic. I had to cut it out for time constraints but even more importantly I just was not fully recovering.

I hit my core and back and chest. I’ll be a little sore tomorrow but I am okay with that. After work we got together at the lake. The water and air temperature were perfect. We swam out the 500 yards and then swam from buoy to buoy. I have had to miss the swim for 5 days it felt good, however, it took about 400 yards to warm up. Once I was warm I felt like I could swim forever – a good sign. I was sighting off of Mike and we were making good time. I was practicing changing my pacing and I was swimming hard for 10 strokes and then swimming easy for 10 strokes. This is a good drill for me – it pushes me out of my comfort zone but not far enough out to prevent a quick recovery. Total swim was only 1200 yards or so but the OWS is so much more valuable to me.

I am still contemplating the road bike for the ironman – I know I will be much faster on the race bike but I am starting to think of this race as an event. I really want to do well but I also want to be in the moment and soak everything up.


Steve Stenzel said...

That "I could swim forever" feeling that accompanies a good swim is the BEST feeling! Nice job!

Lance said...

Race bike all the way!