Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The response to the hair has been very encouraging! Come on now, Telly, Destro, Professor X !!! What do these people have in common – well, they are all bald and … sexy! That is right bald and sexy. I can live with that for sure.

So I got to test out the hydrodynamics in the pool yesterday. It was an easy nothing swim of 200 yards straight. I was expecting the head to feel funny or neat or something – but not really much at all. Oh well, my times were right on so no complaints. The swim felt good. I really am going to join up with the masters swim class in a week or two and make all of my pool time productive. I mean, I am spending time in the pool and I have made improvements but I think the team environment will benefit me and I hope to see improvements!!!

I am also having second thoughts about a full marathon – I have two schools of thought –

1. I’m not getting any younger – If I want to Boston Qualify I need to make my gains right now!
2. The recovery and time away from making gains in triathlon are huge. Take out the run training and you still have a huge taper and a huge recovery – 6 weeks. I will do better next time but this transition after the ironman has been excoriating.
I could compromise and try to nail a really good half marathon and then decide if I want to pursue the full marathon. I could train for a little speed and still not have to rack up huge mileage in a sub 1:30 (fantasy run) half marathon.

I am starting to get excited.


Amanda said...

Masters will most definitely help!!
We athletes are greedy, aren't we? we want to be good at all things, all distances, all disciplines. even the guys that get paid to race are better acclimated to long or short.
but it's so much fun to have something to train toward! good luck whichever you decide!

Marci said...

Do what makes you feel best. Maybe consider a fall or winter marathon so you focus on your marathon training at the end of the tri season... just a thought!

Ryan said...

Train for the half. That really builds speed which is something most long distance triathletes lack. You have the endurance...now go for some speed!