Friday, September 11, 2009

Sore as can be - strength training 101

The recovery and goal planning are coming along swimmingly. The fatigue is starting to lift - the legs still feel fine but they do not have that extra oomph – the top end is still gone. I went for an easy bike ride on Thursday morning and got to chat with Steve C. The ride was nothing hard but I enjoyed a good talk about the upcoming year. Nice and easy – I will get back to the hard stuff soon enough.

I have hit the strength training full force this week and I am sore as hell for it! My back, chest, arms and core are feeling the pain. I love it. I have really missed the strength training and would like to dedicate some serious time during this ‘off-season’. I would like to make some real gains. Then hit the endurance full force and see where it takes me.

My immediate running goals are two-fold and a little counterproductive. I would like to be able to qualify for the Boston Marathon by 2011 (sub-3:15) as well as PR in the 5k (18:xx). They are both running goals but they are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

I would also like to thank Tri Diesel for the Ironman bragging tips – I got to use one yesterday in the gym with my buddies. I have not done a bench press in a couple of months and I feel pretty weak in the upper body right now. I had just finished a rather pathetic set of 12 and I had to remark – “Had I known that I was going to lose 50 pounds in my bench press I’m not sure if I would have done an Ironman in 11:18.” It was appreciated by all!


Happy Feet 26.2 said...

James - I personally would say "go for it." Even though they are at opposite ends of the spectrum, they both help you to improve in the opposite distance. In 2008, I was able to pr in all race distances - 2 mile, 5k, 10k, 12k, 1/2 marathon, and marathon. This summer/fall, I am focusing on "just the marathon" and have not raced the other distances as much - will have to see how that works. I would recommend pushing it hard before the big 40. Although I can still run at a high level (high level for me)I am beginning to feel things differently than before 40. Run hard, run fast! You definitely have the drive to accomplish both. Looking forward to following you're adventure, as I continue my own.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good to see my nonsense can actually be used in real life..... and work. Im sure your buddies couldnt say a thing about your bench after your comment, you have a nice card to play for the rest of your life.

Ulyana said...

Hilarious! Love the bragging!