Thursday, September 17, 2009

Strong pull on the group ride!

On Tuesday I was standing outside the gym at school waiting for the GPS watch to sync up - and some girl came up to me and saw the big watched and asked the time. How funny is that - the biggest damn watch in the world and I do not have the time displayed. I just said sorry- it doesn't do that!

I took Wednesday completely off – completely. When I normally say completely off I mean, maybe a little swimming or some abs or maybe just some strength training. But Wednesday was completely off.

And I feel better for it. I did get up this morning and do the group ride. There is an Olympic distance race this weekend down at the coast (gulf shores) that a few people are doing so the pace was not really pushed. It was super foggy and dark when we left and we had to watch out for debris on the trace. It rained like cats and dogs yesterday evening and there were a couple of limbs down. All of this contributed to an easy ride and that is just what I wanted. I did get a solid pull on one part of the trace for about a mile and I was able to maintain 23 – 24 MPH. I’m starting to feel strong again. I’m going to take it easy still for week or so and then I will be ready to start a build process.

I am so excited about adding some speed work – I have really missed it these past few months!

I watched this video from Endurance Nation regarding an off season marathon and how that is not the best way to gain speed. Interesting stuff (10 minutes). I might have to re-evaluate my off season plans!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

glad you're feeling good and getting back out there :)

Amanda said...

Nice riding! It's coming back, no doubt! Seems we're often given just what we need...

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you are back at it... nearly all the way! Good for you, I'll be starting my marathon training in October, so I know something about how you feel! Cheers!