Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Taking it easy today!

So Monday ended up being a 5 mile run for breakfast and a 4 mile run for lunch – then a little strength training. The runs felt pretty good. I still need to recover a little more before I can jump back into serious training. It is hard for me but I think that I need to take the advice from fellow bloggers Amanda and Missy and sit out for a little while. I understand these things logically but it is so much easier for me to train hard than train smart.

So I slept in this morning – it was hard knowing that there was a group ride outside – Since I live on the trace the group ride literally rides right by my back yard. I would have liked to be out there just chewing the fat and all – there will not be many early morning group rides left this year. The minutes are already ticking away. But, back to recovery – I going to make this a truly easy week and then re-evaluate. At this point there is no way that I can jump into marathon training – not the FIRST program anyway. I think Week 1 / Day 1 is almost out of reach and the plan just escalates from there.

This marathon training plan will be physically and mentally challenging. I am looking forward to it but I do have a little bit if fear. That little bit of fear always seems to motivate me to do better. I like these goals to be just out of reach.

Taking it easy today!


Amanda said...

YAY for rest!

"so much easier for me to train hard than train smart"
this is why i have a coach. no lie.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Smart to take a break! It's hard to do, so I will wish you a good luck!

Jon Gilchrist said...

TJ - I feel you on the whole "hard to accept" thing with resting. Fortunately, I've got other factors forcing me to ease back into my outseason, full time MBA load plsu work. And I second Amanda....I've ID'd a coach too..and he told me to RESR rigth now.