Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Diet and P90X - about a month so far.

Well, back on the diet front – Monday’s are long days for me – I have a lab after work that lasts from 6:30PM – 9PM (although it usually finishes early). That means it is fairly easy for me to continue my scheduled diet for the entire day. Therefore, yesterday was pretty easy with a total of 1,594 calories. The lab instructor was very excited about McRib being back at McDonalds- wow – what a contrast. Also, on Monday’s I have been taking the morning off from exercise so I have not been expending as many calories. My total workout for Monday was a 6 mile run at lunch. The weather was perfect and I am glad that I got it in – it is raining now.

The eating plan consisted of:
2 x peanut butter jelly sandwiches
2 x peaches
1 x kiwi
20 x cherry tomatoes (approximate)
½ cup oatmeal
1 x Whey protein
1 cup cottage cheese
1.5 cups soy milk
½ cup bran buds cereal

Cals: 1,594 Fat: 26% Carbs: 50% Protein: 24% Fiber: 46.8 grams

I have also continued the P90X program. I had heard that many people are sore all of the time and it is super hard, etc. While I admit it is a very good workout and it is quite challenging I think that I brought a base fitness into the plan that was above what was required. I have been a little sore in places that I normally do not work out (like the butt – there are a lot of squats in some of these workouts). I also do not know if I will have the dramatic results that some people have. Now the workouts are indeed getting easier – I have increased my reps on the pull ups and increased the weight on many of the exercises. Also, on some of the sessions I have started to skip the rest breaks. However, we will just have to wait and see if doing these sessions just makes me better at doing P90X or if it will translate to better all around fitness. All in all they have kept me motivated in the off-season and I am enjoying them! So to me, P90X has been a success thus far.