Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Diet tracking Day 2 - OOPS

Well, day two of the diet was not as promising. Left to my own devices I probably will. Jodie was commissioned to make another cake – it kicked ass as usually – had a big dragon and stuff. But she had to deliver it last night. There was a mixing bowl left on the counter. The bowl had been scrapped but there was some residue. I hit this pretty had. Oh well – mistakes were made. I really did not have enough calories yesterday and fell into the same predicament. I got into too much of a deficient and cheated. This is a lesson that I seem to repeat over and over. Total calories for the day were 2,047. About the amount that I think that I need but I would like the foods to be more nutrient dense.

Exercise yesterday was the P90X plyometrics (jump training) program. This one is a hard cardio workout but I have started to skip most of the breaks. There are a few exercises mixed in that let you rest. I find that the arches of my feet start to hurt a little bit – but it is getting better. At lunch I did the rowing machine for the first time. Now this is a workout – that machine uses everything. After the only 10 minutes of rowing (damn hard workout) I did some strength training and called it a day. My weight is down a little bit – I am actually in my normal range. I am going to fine tune my diet and try to find an acceptable balance.
Someone asked me if my legs were sore from the P90X videos. Not really. The leg exercises are all or mostly body weight. In the past when I have done strength training with my legs I was always sore. It did not seem to matter how slow I started. I would be sore for several days – I mean like not walk down stairs sore. In fact when I started up the STADIUMS again I was sore for about 4 days – it did not stop me from running or cycling but the workouts were not quality. I think the body weight exercises with the STADIUMS are a pretty good compromise right now. I know that I will not gain any size in my legs (not my goal) but I think that I will gain some strength.

ALSO - My good friend Tony is SOLO biking the "Devil's Backbone" along the Natchez Trace - you can follow him here - Riding the "Devil's Backbone"


Missy said...

We need pictures of you face down in that bowl with batter on your face, c'mon!

Jennifer said...

Icing! Gets me every time! Nice spreadsheet BTW!