Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10 YASSOS!!!

With an extra day off I rested. My legs were tired after the race. I got up early but took a nap in the early afternoon. However, the weather was beautiful and I took the bike outside for the first time all year. I put together an easy 30 mile ride. My legs were a little tired but the day was so nice.

I got up early on Tuesday and wanted to get in the water. I got to the gym early but the pool lights were off. I was not the only one wanted to swim. I guess the pool guy slept late. Having this happen to me in the past I had a contingency plan. I changed into workout clothes and went up stairs and put together a tough strength training workout.

I did quite a few sets of chest, back, legs and abs. I am sure that I will be sore for a couple of days. There was no workout at lunch do to classes starting up.

After work I went to the track. I saw several pacers but Jim was absent – he was a no show. The plan was for 10 Yasso 800’s! This would be hard. The original plan was to do them at marathon pace – but that is a moving target right now. Last week I was able to do several at below 3:00 – that would be my mark tonight. I started out too quick – the first one clicked off at 2:51 – way too fast.

I tried to slow it down a bit but the second clicked off at 2:55. I now had to slow it down or I would blow up. I slowed it down and was able to complete the set. Slowing down made the sets challenging but achievable.
01. 2:51
02. 2:55
03. 3:00
04. 3:06
05. 3:05
06. 3:04
07. 3:05
08. 3:03
09. 3:06
10. 3:02
Ten Yasso’s were the goal when I started and I can check them off the list. Now I just need to get a little faster or extend these repeats out to 1200’s!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, Im impressed

Dave said...


Mike Russell said...

Fantastic that you were able to get your bike out. The weather is still too cold and there is too much ice still on the road to break mine out, but I am keeping an eye on the sky.

You are cranking some super quick times. Sorry if I missed it, but what is the goal for the marathon?

Jon Gilchrist said...


Mel-2nd Chances said...

It was wonderful being out on my bike for an hour on Saturday... a little wet in hindsight, and cold, yes, but worth it. Awesome job on the speedwork!

Matty O said...

Takes me back to High School Track :)

Wish I were in better shape so I could do this workout.

Everything I have read, and practiced in high school says, 800's are a distance runners secret weapon.

Way to crush them!