Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Easy swim and recovery

I slept in on Monday. I needed it. My legs were tired. I watched the Colts and Saints at the Keg and Barrel on Sunday. They had an all you can eat BBQ buffet. After logging the miles I was first in line. On a positive, I did not have a single beer. I have noticed that alcohol really does affect my recovery – so I am getting smarter.

At lunch I went to the pool for an easy swim. Chris was there and we talked for a minute or two. He had a swim workout that he found somewhere. It was challenging – a ladder up and down progressively faster. I attempted the workout but it got too quick for me. I need to work on the swim. I had forgotten how much better I swim with a structured workout – the time few by!


Missy said...

It may affect recovery but dang...beer is just so GOOD! Sounds like a great time. I think the Superbowl will be great fun this year.

Jon Gilchrist said...

I had a couple of beers for you on sunday (ultra, at least...cuz I care about your waistline). That and a 100 piece order of naked wings between 4 men....i WAS SO HUNGRY afterwards.


Stay on that swimming speed demon!

Mike Russell said...

I can't understand why your legs were so tired after, say, 50 miles in 3 days...

Great work!