Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Light Prep

It has been a hard week getting back into the groove of work. First, the gym was closed on Monday and Tuesday. This threw off my schedule. I only ended up making it to the pool on one occasion. Second, the cold weather that has moved into Southern Mississippi has been brutal. I know that this is not like other parts of the country but it has been difficult this week – my office at work has finally warmed up some – I still wore my jacket all of Friday while at work.

On Friday at lunch I was supposed to go for a run outside with Jim – to make up for the missed tempo run from Thursday (freezing temperate and heavy rain). I suited up with a couple of base layers as well as tights. I almost never wear tights but thought that they might be a good idea. After I was completely dressed I ran into Jim – he said that we would have to run indoors – he did not have the proper clothes for an outside run. I offered him some of my extra base layers and extra jackets and even the tights. No go! So we ran on the indoor 1/8th mile track. This track circles above several basketball courts and is always cold. To simulate the colder temperatures that I would experience on race day I wore thin running shorts and a running singlet. It was pretty cold. We warmed up for a couple of miles in and around 8 minutes per mile. I’m not sure why but I pushed the pace on the 3rd mile to 6:40. The fourth was slower but mile five was faster. It ended up being 6:35 for the final mile.

This was a good effort but not too hard. It was comfortably hard for me. The highest that my heart rate monitor read was 178 – not that high. For example, a week prior, at the Steam Whistle 12K (7.45 miles) my heart rate averaged 181 for the race (6:39 minutes per mile).

I felt strong during this short indoor track run. I have been working on my pace stagey for Sunday’s half marathon in Mobile (the First Light half and full marathon). My last half I PR’d with an average pace of 7:09 and at the Steam Whistle I had an average pace of 6:39 (7.45 miles – a little over half of a half). Both of these races I went out a bit fast. I am wondering if I just try to run my goal half pace of 7:00 or if I should be a little more aggressive and try to hang on again. That is what I have done for all of my races and it is HARD – it is NOT FUN – and it probably is not the fastest way to run the race.

On top of the pace concerns, the temperature at race start looks like 23 degrees. I am debating whether to wear the tights.


Happy Feet 26.2 said...

For me, I would wear the tights. Also, I would highly recommend trying going out either at pace, or even slower than race pace for the first mile. It is very hard, but you will feel SOOOOOO much better and faster at the end. Just my opinion. Good Luck! Hope you have a great race. Wish I could join you. Can't wait to hear about it.

Jon Gilchrist said...

I think maybe giving yourself enough of a push in the first 5k of teh race to get warm and get in "sync" may be a good way to go out. From there U can manage your pacing accordingly...and not have to worry about overdoing it too early and having nada left in the tank for teh late good!!

Jennifer said...

Tights for me too, they could just be lightweight if your worried about getting warm. Any way, GOOD LUCK, have fun and stay warm!