Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spring time in Mississippi

Thursday I regrouped on the bike trainer front. I did the same 7 intervals (1 minute on 2 minutes off – warm-up / cool down of course). But this time I dialed back the intensity a fair bit. The working sets were conducted at 16% less than before. A little bit of a letdown but a complete workout is better than an aborted workout any day. And besides, it was good for my mental health as well. These intervals might have been just a hair too easy but I can always add to it later. I needed to have the success on the trainer.

At lunch I did a nice 5 miles outside. The weather was beautiful. An easy warm-up followed by progressively faster miles. I was running with some work mates and just enjoying the spring like air (it will turn cold again - but not like the midwest or all points North). The miles progressed as follows:

1. 7:40
2. 7:02
3. 6:55
4. 6:43

And on top of that I was running easy. It felt good. Now I just need to put together 18.6 of those last miles for this weekend’s “THE WALL” 30k. Sunday will be a challenge. This race will set up my paces for the marathon. I am going to try to excel and leave it all on the levy!


Missy said...

Hope you're not iced in like we are! This stinks, really throwing a wrench in my plan.

Marci said...

I sure hope it's a nice day for the 30k you are running today... unlike here in the DC area where we have 4 inches of snow on the ground :D

Jon Gilchrist said...

good luck on sunday TJ!